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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

70's Orgasm Club

About 70s Orgasm Club
..This profile was edited with Edit Your MySpace Ant (vox/guitar) is a die-hard Jimi Hendrix fan. When he heard Hendrix on his uncle's vinyl when he was 10, it really blew his mind. Hendrix is the reason he plays guitar and sings. Later he discovered that Hendrix's rock n roll its not just regular rock n' roll. There is a lot of black traditional music mixed in there, such as classic soul/funk and blues. That's why Ant decided to step on to a higher, wilder and deeper journey to the roots of Hendrix's rock n roll music. 60s soul/70s funk. He fell in love with soul and funk and that's why he asked Rio (bass) - whos crazy about The Jackson 5, Ben Folds Five and The Temptations - and Echo (drums) a man who loves 70s reggae. And so 70s Orgasm Club is born. A funky, bluesy, soulful, psychedelic Rock n' Roll is on!

† contact: Anto Arief 0818113910

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Begin with these two brothers, Myo and Ducktoi who's responsible in forming MUCK in the middle of 1994. The band, first started as a side-project & now becoming a serious band after playing in lot of shows and gigs all over Malaysia since it formation. After 8 years being active in the Malaysian indie music scene with various changes of line-up, Kujoy has join in permanently on guitar. With Feroz on board (after the absent of Aie & Par) & officially filling the bass department. MUCK have evolved from a simple indie rock band to become more experimental with their music. Hence, MUCK have succeed in creating their own sound and style, and at the same time attracting more people becoming their followers due to their new, fresh & interesting sound.

For those of you who are unfamiliar and didn't have a chance to listen to MUCK before this, MUCK sounds can be describes as an experimental 80's american indie rock/lo-fi to noise pop. Among the bands that've inspired MUCK since the early days until now are SONIC YOUTH, DINOSAUR JR. , PAVEMENT & SEBADOH. All the bands that have been mentioned above have helped MUCK musically in creating and finding their own sound. Since then, MUCK is recognized by a lot of people as a unique band because of their own identity, originality & style in the music scene.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007



Download Ketengan Rapidshare :

01. Televisi
02. Di Mana Aku Di Sini
03. Itulah Cinta
04. Ajojing
05. Tersenyumlah
06. Nyali
07. Kuda Besi
08. Kontak Jodoh
09. Bye Bye Baby
10. Katakan Iya
11. Superstar
12. Lagu Wanita
13. Haru Biru (Bonus)

Download Full Album : Naif - Televisi

Password : naifimz

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Download Ketengan Rapidshare :

01. Mimpi Yang Hilang
02. Cinta Perkasa
03. Kupuja
04. Beri Aku Waktu
05. Yang Terbaik
06. JTA
07. Maafkan
08. Untukmu
09. Detik Sempat
10. Tertunda

Download Full Album : Afterclose - Cinta Perkasa

Password :

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tipe X - A Journey (Best Of The Best)

Tipe X - A Journey (Best Of The Best)

Download Ketengan Rapidshare :

01. Kamu Penipu (New)
02. Karena Patah Hati (New)
03. Genit
04. Kamu Ngga Sendirian
05. Mawar Hitam
06. Selamat Jalan
07. Dugem (New)
08. Sakit Hati
09. Angan
10. Karena Cemburu
11. Salam Rindu
12. Pacar Yang Baik
13. Song From Distance

Download Full Album : Tipe X - A Journey

Password : tipexajourney

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C'mon Lennon - Ketika Lalala

C'mon Lennon - Ketika Lalala

01. Sudahkah Kamu Minum Obat
02. Kelinci Jantan
03. Ketika La La La
04. Detektif Flamboyan
05. Jangan Kau Kalah
06. You Save Your Life
07. Aku Cinta Jakarta
08. Gadis Bertangan Satu
09. Kikuk
10. Adiksi
11. Ambulan
12. Bonus Track

Download Full Album : C'mon Lennon - Ketika Lalala

Password : lennon

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Endank Soekamti

Endank Soekamti

01. Intro
02. Zzzttt…
03. Fantasiku
04. In de Hoy
05. Rock Radio
06. Insomnia
07. Cargenic
08. Pecundang
09. Mas Kamtis
10. Cinta Buta
11. Gila Sendiri
12. Merah Sekali Part 2
13. Asu Tenanan
14. Kura – Kura
15. UUU
16. Outro

Download Full Album : Endank Soekamti - Sssttt...!!!

Password : soekamti

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Technorati Profile

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Superman Is Dead


SID, punk rock pioneers of Bali, were born and bred in Kuta Rock City. The band is three chord attitude-heavy young men in their 20s, by name:

Bobby Kool (beer drinker, lead vocal, guitar, highly personable, as kool as ice
Eka Rock (beer drinker,laid back bass and backing vocal, warm smilin' Rock 'N Roll bandman)
Jrx (beer drinking Rock 'N Roll prince charming, drummer, hairwax junkie, his name is slang for "spikey hairdo" in Balinese)

The name 'Superman is Dead' started its' evolution from Stone Temple Pilot's "Superman Silvergun". The name moved on to "Superman is Dead" cause they like the idea that there's such thing as a perfect, invincible person out there.

SID actually stumbled together in '95, drawn by their common love of Green Day and NOFX. Their influences soon extended to the punk 'n roll genre a la Supersuckers, Living End and Social Distortion, and here they stay. Some of their better known tracks include, "My Girlfriend is Pregnant" (true story of the bassist), "Bali Holiday" (about the Balinese prostitution scene), "Long Way to the Bar" (self explanatory!), and so it goes on. They say what they wanna say, how they wanna say it. In your face, to say it precisely.

SID public image, self described, is "Blitzkrieg 3-Chordsabilly Beer Punk Rock" (think raw energy of Ramones vs Living end meets Supersuckers + Sid Vicious' nihilism .supersonically fueled with beer-soaked Rockabilly attitude.complicated, eh?!?!).

History? SID produced their first three albums independently (the boys worked years of crappy night jobs), with fabulous, small scale indie labels 1997 "Case 15", 1999 "Superman is Dead", 2002 "Bad, Bad, Bad"(mini album, 6 tracks). In March 2003 SID finally signed with Sony Music Indonesia after extended negotiations regarding their right to sing the majority of their tracks in English and have full artistic rights over their 'image'!! With that decision they single handedly became the first band from Bali to be invited to sign with a major recording label in Indonesia, the first band in their nation (to my knowledge) to be recording majority of songs in English, AND the first punk band in Indonesia to get the national exposure and promotion that working with a major label in a third world country provides. And so the history of Indonesian Punk Rock begins!

And as for the question that everyone wants to know.the infamous bomb in Bali happened about 75M from their home, hangout center, punkrock boutique, bar, tape shop and rehearsal studio that is also Jerinx' house, in the heart of Kuta. After panel beating back the rolling doors of the studio, and shifting a little debris, rehearsals continued as usual. Yeah, they saw a lot, it sucked big time, but its' not gonna stop em!

And where are they now? At the end of last year, one of the more respectable music mags here cited SID as "The Next Big Thing" for 2003. With the release of their newest (fourth) album, "Kuta Rock City", followed by major airplay nationally and in some countries overseas, coupled with the instant popularity of their newest filmclip (can you believe they were MTV Indonesian artists of the months in June!) SID suddenly find themselves touring continuously throughout Indonesia. Last week they were in four major Indonesian cities, on three islands, in 7 days! Sometimes playing for free at underground scene clubs, sometimes at street skate parties or alternative band festivals, at lots of universities, and even occasionally at "classy" venues who would have probably denied them entrance 12 months ago! Which means more beers for all.

Last month SID even got a mention in Time Asia. They remain proud, boys from the streets of Kuta with a love of punk rock, beers and a good time. Ready for whatever comes next, excited about the next gig

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Seriangi History

Early 2002, Jakarta, Indonesia. After a year disbanding his legendary hardcore outfit for 10 years, vocalist Arian13 [Puppen, Aparatmati] and old time friends, drummer Kemod [from Bandung thrash grinders, Aparatmati] and guitarist Ricky [from Jakarta's finest hardcore band, Stepforward] founded SERINGAI ['grin' in Indonesian]. Fueled by a desire to play a blend between Motorhead, Black Sabbath, hard rock & metal influences, they began to jam together after bassist Toan joined. SERINGAI was already in the habit of constantly writing songs, and playing small gigs in Jakarta and Bandung. Anthem songs like Alkohol [Alcohol] and Membakar Jakarta [Burning Jakarta], are the crowd's favorites. SERINGAI became more popular and the shows were beer-soaked and the sing along, slamdancing, stagediving never stops. Shortly thereafter, Toan left the band, and was replaced by Sammy. The band recorded 9 songs including a cover of Black Flag's Jealous Again, and released High Octane Rock EP in 2004 in tape format on their own label, Parau. Many shows in support of the tape, and without proper promotion they have sold about 12.000 copies of High Octane Rock EP. They even got offered to write songs for local movie soundtrack, teenage flick Catatan Akhir Sekolah and horror flick 12:00 AM. Their fanbase grows bigger, and named themselves 'serigala seringai' or, Seringai's wolfpack. In 2005, the CD version is released. Fortunately, the CD version was highly anticipated, and with different and exclusive artwork, it has sold 2000 copies in just 2 month. This time, the CD was distributed by Off The Records/Universal Music Indonesia. SERINGAI now is gearing up for their debut full length that is going to be released in 2007. For booking please contact: SERINGAI Rudi [08179149891] & Brainwashed Bookings [08161437608] Check out our video "Akselerasi Maksimum".

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Sajama Cut

the history

"Sajama Cut is part of the blossoming indie-music scene inhabited by bands such as The Brandals, Sore and The Upstairs. They cut 11 tracks for this impressive debut in January 2005 and the album's release has coincided with the growing popularity of local bands. The band's country sound in the debut album The Osaka Journals has little connection with the less-than-interesting mainstream music-scene in the country.

If only more local bands honed their songwriting craft to conceive a polished, radio-friendly songs, Peterpan and Dewa for example -- Sajama Cut's music has a wonderfully loose charm, out-of-tune vocals and undecipherable image-rich lyrics, mostly in English.

The band's signature is the warm sound of jangling guitar, reminiscent of Peter Buck's sound in R.E.M's early days. Another strong point is the eerie vocals of singer Marcel Thee, which are at times muffled deep in the mix. Aside from R.E.M, the band admitted that indie pop heroes Bright Eyes, The Fall and Guided By Voices were their biggest sources of inspiration. A combination of the two elements was best captured in the first single Fallen Japanese, which has a happy-sad melody that will not wear thin after repeated listens. Ornamented by lush choral harmonies from band members, the song is the album's crowning glory.

In the ocean of fake performers with rock-star attitude, Sajama Cut is a much-needed breath of fresh air"

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