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Friday, June 22, 2007

Sajama Cut

"Sajama Cut is part of the blossoming indie-music scene inhabited by bands such as The Brandals, Sore and The Upstairs. They cut 11 tracks for this impressive debut in January 2005 and the album's release has coincided with the growing popularity of local bands. The band's country sound in the debut album The Osaka Journals has little connection with the less-than-interesting mainstream music-scene in the country.

If only more local bands honed their songwriting craft to conceive a polished, radio-friendly songs, Peterpan and Dewa for example -- Sajama Cut's music has a wonderfully loose charm, out-of-tune vocals and undecipherable image-rich lyrics, mostly in English.

The band's signature is the warm sound of jangling guitar, reminiscent of Peter Buck's sound in R.E.M's early days. Another strong point is the eerie vocals of singer Marcel Thee, which are at times muffled deep in the mix. Aside from R.E.M, the band admitted that indie pop heroes Bright Eyes, The Fall and Guided By Voices were their biggest sources of inspiration. A combination of the two elements was best captured in the first single Fallen Japanese, which has a happy-sad melody that will not wear thin after repeated listens. Ornamented by lush choral harmonies from band members, the song is the album's crowning glory.

In the ocean of fake performers with rock-star attitude, Sajama Cut is a much-needed breath of fresh air"

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At last.... the spam problem is finished, at least this time, were back on the online bussiness thing, our management system has recovered, and the website is under construction. so we hope things getting better in the future.

The sastro is 4 piece band with british influences such as The Smiths, The Police, Sex Pistols, etc and in progress we're adding our personal influences to our music, such as Rush, The Fixx, Spandau Ballet, Joy Division, etc.

The big influences of progressive rock give us more rich progression chord and tunes that you can hear in our new tracks.

To all Fictions in this real world.

See you at the gigs guys!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007


The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent(The SIGIT)

Period of formation. In this period, they met each other, played and hung up toghether, fought each other, rehearsed a lot, and wrote their song.

In 2004, The S.I.G.I.T. signed to Spills Records and released their self titled debut mini album (EP) and performed many bar gigs and venue. Their first single, Soul Sister soon became a local radio hits in Bandung and Jakarta, made reputated on MTV Trax Magazine as "The Hottest Rock N Roll Band".

By contributing on movie soundtrack for Catatan Akhir Sekolah (CAS), their fanbase grow rapidly. Did I Ask Your Opinion, which appeared as OST on former movie, finally became their first single to be broadcasted on MTV-I.

After leaving Spills Records, they begun to spread their stage performance to bigger venue and region...

Their name appeared on NME's Stereo (30 July)
See and read the scanned page Here

"The S.I.G.I.T. - Black Amplifier.
Scorching, gonzo Zep Rock from our hot new Indonesian Friend"

And It's only a beginning...

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Rocket Rockers

It was all started in 1998. Our strongest line up are: Al Kautsar (vocal), Aska Pratama (guitar/vocal), Bisma Aria Nugraha (bass), Rizky Fadli (guitar), Khrisna a.k.a Ozom (Drums). First was our all time favorites; the 80s new wave acts; The Cure, Alphaville, OMD, Nena, Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, Duran-Duran, The Police, Joy Division etc. Second were what in our CD player recently; Pulley, Lagwagon, Weezer, Pearl Jam, NOFX, Pennywise, Reggie & The Full Effects, etc. We have 8 compilations and 2 full albums, now were preparing for our 3rd album. Our first album Soundtrack For Your Life was putting out by Off The Records (an independent label from our hometownBandung) which has been sold more than 20.000 copies, and our 2nd album (Ras Bebas) now in major debut with Sony/BMG Indonesia and recently it was sold about 45.000 copies.

Weve been on skatepark tour all year with VOLCOM Indonesia, and play high school/college shows as many as possible. Weve also opened Skin Of Tears show (punk rock from Germany). Anyhow, we are sponsored by the greatest skate/surf companies ever, Volcom and Electric.

Actually it was like laying a big bet for playing punk rock music here and try to make a living out of it. Playing in a punk rock band or being a part of the (so-called) cutting edge is a super hard job. We have to try super hard to convince corporate people who have the money that we can add values to their business. Somehow, in the early days, the kids still feel strange to what we play. But we believe that we can pass this test and have a big smile in the end. Finally, after constant powering up grassroots activities, local TV, MTV Indonesia and radio are starting to recognize us and airplay our things. Thanks for the early believers.

Anyhow big promoters with big capitals finally tried to call off big rock shows, so many great bands had been rocking here (Indonesia) : Metallica, Green Day, Himsa, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Sepultura, Foo Fighters, Ingrowing, Napalm Death, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, etc. Kids are starting to dig it and so our things can get more and more attention. Somehow, we dont care to what people going to say about us, even in the hard days. We just play to what we love and what we believe. It has been 8 years now, and we have never regret for our starting the band.

First thing first; we always write songs that come from our heart and try our best to describe us (as a band) in our original way. And we think its important to keep it simple so that more and more people can understand on what we stand for. We always try to consistently humble to all people: fans, corporate people, and media people. We always let them know that are trying to we speak their language and treat them as good as we want them to treat us. We need people to know that we always play music with honest and we dont do the regular rock star fuck you attitude (coz we have our own fuck you attitude way). We have fuck yous in a safe mode, just to let people know that we believe in our things.

Our recent goal was big, hairy and scary; we want to change the face of music industry in our country. Were trying to write down the path for newer bands that they can reach their dreams if they work for it. Its like providing an intellectual property so that new young creative bands with hard work attitude wont reinventing the wheel. We would like to see more kids start to wear band tshirt, start to skate and believe on their passion to live their own things. Its important to see kids which getting into more creative hype and do their best for their life and gives something back to their community. Thats what great American bands do for a living, and it inspires us so much.
1. Still Punx Still Sucks (Compilation) My Own Deck/Ryans Records- Cassette
2. Fallen Angel Magazine + Demo CD & Cassette
3. No Place To Get Fun (Compilation) No Label Records-
4. Bad Tunes and Some Ordinary Things (Compilation ) My Own Deck- CD
5. Ripple Magazine ..8 + Demo Cassette
6. Hatikeccil (vcd bmx)
7. Rocket Rockers Soundtrack For Your Life Off The Records- Cassette
8. New Generation Calling (Compilation) Spills Records- Cassette
9. Rocket Rockers Ras Bebas Sony Music- CD/Cassette
10. Planet Rock (Compilation) Sony/BMG Indonesia CD/Cassette

Rocket Rockers exclusively wears: Volcom Indonesia
and supported by: Macbeth Shoes & Macbeth Optics


Rocket Rockers Management :
+6222-7101109 (Indonesia-Bandung)

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